The process of permitting for a development project can be one of the most costly phases, financially as well as the time, energy, and daunting task of learning the unique processes and procedures unique to each municipality..  Success in the complex permitting arena of Vermont has given the Green Castle Group professionals the necessary experience to work with any municipality regarding the unique needs of our client’s projects. Permitting and zoning requirements are critical factors in a project, but the expertise of the Green Castle Group will keep your project moving forward on-schedule.  


  • Vermont Act 250-Specific Permit Consulting

  • Permit Due-Diligence

  • Permit application, material assembly

  • Meetings and presentations with regulatory officials

  • Applications and permit follow-through

  • Project representation at applicable hearings

  • Permitting strategy

  • Permit sequencing and scheduling

In addition, the Green Castle Group has the experience and efficient processes in place to accelerate permitting for time sensitive projects.  Permits at the federal, state, and local level, as well as Act 250 permits can set your project behind schedule. Knowledge of the unique and complex requirements of permits at every level allows the Green Castle Group to help your project stay on-schedule.