Risk management, creativity, and financing are three of the pillars of a development project that the Green Castle Group can address.  We focus on the goals and vision of the client and use our experience to navigate the process of surveying market oppurtunities, work with government oversight entities, and construct a budget that best serves the client.  

We utilize a network of engineers, architects, attorneys, brokers, and construction professionals to bring a depth of development experience that will best serve our clients.  We also organize and manage those professionals throughout the transformation of a concept into a finished product. This allows the client to either take a hands-off approach and focus on their business, or allow them to focus on areas that require their direct attention.  The Green Castle Group offers any and all of the following services to their clients.

  • Site Selection

  • Project Feasibility

  • Project Due Diligence

  • Acquisition

  • Local and State Permit Acquisition

  • Project Coordination and Management

  • Coordination of Architectural Design & Engineering

  • Consulting and Advisory Services

  • Finance

Experience with a variety of unique project types gives the Green Castle Group a unique perspective and flexibility in financing projects and staying within a defined budget.  We work closely with our clients to secure the appropriate financing for their project, and do the work to ensure that the finished product generates the necessary revenue to make it viable.  The Green Castle Group offers the following services to their clients.

  • Market analysis

  • Development budgets

  • Operating pro forma

  • Project financing

  • Working with potential lenders