If you have any questions about our rental properties, please email us using the form below. 

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Greg Doremus, Partner & Operations

Greg handles tenant relations including showing and leasing apartments as well as ongoing interactions with tenants throughout their lease. Call: 802-777-8968

Bob Baker, Maintenance Manager

Bob is the maintenance manager for the Green Castle Group and handles all major maintenance issues/renovations. Call: 407-782-5997.  

Debbie Denny, Administration

Debbie does all tenant communications, maintains all lease records and handles the processing of the monthly ACH rent processing for each tenant and property. Call: 802-777-8968


Ben Frye, Building Quality

Ben will make sure each property is clean, neat and safe. He will be an ongoing presence at each property to always be on the look out for safety concerns and that Green Castle properties are well maintained.  


Hank Baker, Building Quality

Hank and his team are responsible for handling all maintenance, repair and 24 hour call issues with Green Castle Group properties.