The unique nature of investing in real-estate means that investors can be left exposed to a variety of challenges that can inhibit the maximization of the property value and returns.  These challenges can also be highly variable in nature due to regulations, location, economic and market indicators, and the unique needs of the individual investor. In addition these factors are likely to shift with the market climate, enhancing the need for consultants with range and depth of experience.  

With a number of years of experience in the management of a diverse range of property types, the Green Castle Group professionals evaluate the full range of challenges and opportunities presented in each property.  The goal of maximizing asset value and revenue while reducing operating costs will add value and long term consistency and security to your asset.

  • Due diligence

  • Property Management

  • Oversight of 3rd Party Property Management

  • Financial analysis and accounting

  • Market analysis

  • Capital Improvement Planning and Execution

  • Leasing Strategy